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Celebrating intimacy in solitude

Celebrating intimacy in solitude

 The longing for connectedness and desire for solitude form part of our human existence. Both aspects can become exaggerated to form affective dependency or rigid autonomy especially when you are not anchored in your inner self. Capacity for intimacy and closeness as well as capacity to be alone when needed are essential traits of affective maturity. How do you handle your desire for intimacy and how do you live moments of loneliness?

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Celibacy, Sexuality and Search for Love

Celibacy, sexuality and the search for Love

Having lived many years as a Claretian, do you experience that your consecrated celibacy is against your “nature”, as it is often depicted in a secular world? Contrary to the expectations of the world, perhaps, you may be enjoying the tremendous opportunity and possibility which your consecrated life is opening up for you to be in communion with God and others and to serve them more freely. Does your vocational life attest to a “hundredfold” (Mt 19.29) in terms of fraternal love, friendships, relationships and fruitfulness in ministry, as promised by Jesus?

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Formation Centers as Holding Environments for Maturing

pare nostre 3Formation Centers as HOLDING ENVIRONEMENTS

Formation centers are to become “holding environments,” places where young men and women are “held” while they work their way to a new stage of their psychological, religious and spiritual growth. A holding environment, for example, is what a family is for a teenager working his or her way to a new identity as a member of, but distinct from the family. Formation centers are holding environments that help young adults grow into the self-chosen identity of celibate priests and religious who can function on their own in a complex world.

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