Apostolic dimension of formation

apostolateWe have marked out this section of apostolic (patoral) dimension of formation in order to give attention to the different aspects of pastoral formation.Our intimacy with Jesus and commitment to his project of the Kingdom deeply transforms our life and mission. Our encounter with the risen Lord necessarily affects the community and the society in which we live. Our mission flows from our charism.

Apostolic formation is a necessary flow outward from the inner conversion experienced by the person to effect transformation of the community and the world. In this sense pastoral formation is not just acquisition of ministerial skills, though they are part of it. Apostolic formation is about moving beyond self-transformation to bring about the reign of God in one’s community and the world.

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The Mission of Claret


P. José María Viñas cmf


As the 19th century begins to fall into historical pers­pective, the figure of St. Anthony Mary Claret also begins to find its adequate setting within it. The persona­lity of Claret, made up of so many contrasts, itself begot a set of the most contrasting circumstances: slandered and praised in his own day, he was discussed and praised during the process of his beatification amid the delays of the "devil's advocate" and the urgings of the advocates for his defense.

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