Martyr Formator

canoSiguenza had been a haven of peace until the situation became extremely difficult on July 25. Fr José M ª gathered the seminarians in the chapel, "it would have been one o´clock in the afternoon," says the chronicler, to bring them abreast of the situation. "He wanted to encourage us , but could not hold back tears." - "It's okay, but to prevent what could happen, I announce with deep sorrow that the school is suspended for a few days ... Go out in groups to the neighboring towns, since all have offered to give us accommodation ... " 

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Cervera, Another Martyr Seminary

cervera msrtyrsSeven kilometers from Cervera, the Claretians had a farm popularly known as Mas Claret where the scattered members of the Community had found a  temporary refuge. In the morning of July 24, some members of the Revolutionary Committee of Cervera came to seize it.

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Llamada a Compartir-Oración

“Los mártires de San Joaquín –un religioso claretiano, un sacerdote secular y un seglar-,se convierten hoy, para nosotros, en una parábola de ese compartir que hermana a todos en la misión de dar testimonio del Reino”. -Circular del P. General

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