Fr. Xifrè's Letter to Vallier

xifre2The following letter of Fr. Xifrè to Vallier in Chile in 1870, a couple of weeks before the death of the Founder, sheds light on his concern for his brothers and constant reference to the founder as a guide for our missionary life

Prades, 5 October 1870

Rev. Fr. Pablo Vallier


Dear Brother:

 I have received your letter dated August 12 which I have in front of me, and from it I gather, with regret, that you have not received all the letters that we had written to you, especially the ones where we acknowledged above all the acceptance of the Masses and alms you had sent.

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Mariano Avellana Lasierra

Almudévar, Huesca, Spain (1844) - Carrizal Alto, Chile (1904)

-Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez cmf

The charismatic expression of our Fr. Founder: “My spirit is for the whole world” echoed in the Congregation from the very beginning. In 1870 the first expedition of Missionaries set off to Chile from their exile in the South of France. Fr. Mariano Avellana who formed part of the second expedition went to Chile in 1873. This young priest belonged to that group of the holy men (like Fr. Pablo Vallier and Brothers Pedro Marcer and Miguel Xancó) who laid solid foundations to the first major Organism of the Congregation

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John Postius Sala

POSTÍUS SALA, John. (Born at Berga on 8th August.1876- died at Solsona on 23rd August.1952)

postius 2Fr. Postíus has probably been the most prominent and best known figure that our congregation gave to the Church in the last century. He joined the seminary at Barbastro in 1888, and did his novitiate in Cervera (Lleida), where he made his first profession of religious vows in 1892. After that he pursued the studies of philosophy there. He completed theology at Santo Domingo de la Calzada and received his priestly ordination there in 1900. Because of his extraordinary intellectual endowments, the superiors assigned him immediately to Rome to specialize in Law and Archaeology. He shared space with illustrious classmates such as Eugenio Pacelli (future Pope Pius XII) and the future cardinals La Puma and Tedeschini, with all of whom he would maintain friendship and collaboration in the future.

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