Ignatius Buil - Claretian Student

(Born in Barbastro 1859temuco capilla detalle 2- died in Thuir 1880)

In 1869 Spain continued in her revolutionary frenzy. The Claretian missionaries were forced to live in Prades (south of France) in exile except for the two small groups of missionaries who have left for Africa (Argel) and America (Santiago in Chile). In addition to it, there were small cells of clandestine presence in some localities of Spain. In September of the same year the daring Fr. Xifré sent Fr. Diego Gavin to his native place of Huesca to explore the possibilities of a lawful foundation and he found a place in Barbastro, a city which today is filled with strong memories for all Claretians. In a few months the people along the river Vero y del Cinca would know how a Claretian evangelizes.

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