Bible Terms in CC-Sanctification

sanctificationSanctification, Holiness (CC. 2)
-V. Lawrence cmf

Biblical Reflection:

By sanctification or holiness is ordinarily meant that hallowing of us by which we are freed from wrong doing or sin to realise the will of God. However, it is not the first or common meaning in the Old Testament where it primarily means “to separate” or “set apart”, clearly demarcating the sphere of God from the human sphere. To sanctify anything means to declare it as belonging to God, to have been transferred to his sphere and presence, for example the first born (Exod 13:2).

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Bible Terms in the Constitutions- Glory

gloryGlory of God (CC. 2, 9, 66)

- V. Lawrence cmf

 The aim of the congregation is to seek in all things the Glory of God …(CC2)

 1. Biblical Reflection

 The Glory of God in the OT is his visible “Life-giving and Saving Presence” to his people. Whenever God appeared to them, His glory accompanied him. It was a signified by cloud and fire, the first forms of his presence seen by the people, when God led them away from the clutches of the Egyptian might (Ex 13:21; 16:7).

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2-Fundamental Constitutions


Fr. Ted Cirone

Importance of a clear identity.

Good self-awareness & legitimate pride vs. triumphalism.
"The Church defends and upholds the distinctive character of the various religious institutes." (LG 44; MR 11)
"The distinctive character of a religious institute brings with it a particular style of sanctification and apostolate that goes on to create a particular tradition, the objective elements of which can be easily individuated." (MR 11)

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