Our Path of Post Conciliar Renewal

- Fr.Aquilino Bocos

aquilinoIt is at the invitation of Fr. General that I am undertaking an exercise in the corporate memory of the General Chapters held after the Council. I have in mind these words of Sören Kierkegaard who said that "life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards".


We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. It was opened on 11 October 1962 by John XXIII. When asked for the objective he wanted to get from the Council, he opened the window toward St. Peter's square and said: "The Council will do this: that a little fresh air will enter in the Church". That happy day began the "aggiornamento", "the new spring", "New Pentecost", for the Church as had been indicated by the good Pope on other occasions. The Church began a parable of renewal returning to "the pure and simple lines of the origins" in freedom and charity.

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The Coat of Arms of the Congregation

coat of arms-Jeyaseelan cmf, Sri Lanka

Here is the Coat of Arms of our congregation. You may take a close look at it and ask yourself what it means for you. There are different symbols in it. What do they tell you about our being Claretians?


The official Coat of Arms (Shield/Seal) of the Congregation was approved in the XI General Chapter, celebrated in Vic in 1912 and it was presented to the members of the Congregation in its Annals of 1914.

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Our Charismatic Identity-7

For prayerful Reflection

Our Charismatic Identity-7: In keeping with the demands, options, priorities and preferential recipients of our mission.

XXIV General Chapter: Men on Fire with Love

50 The missionary love that has been granted to us is imaginative and creative. Formed in the forge of the Heart of Mary we fix our gaze on those who are excluded from the love of others and who suffer terrible consequences of injustice. Love sees to it that we get closer to them and stay with them, that we let ourselves be touched and accompanied by them. Ministering in the spirit of the Good Samaritan re-ignites our fire, inspires our transforming projects and activities and makes us, together with others, credible proclaimers of the presence of the Kingdom of God.

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