Our charismatic identity-6

For prayerful reflection on our charismatic identity

Our Charismatic Identity-6: In the universal mission of the Church

XXIV General Chapter: Men on Fire with Love

47 Whoever loves Jesus will feel loved by the Father, will radiate and testify to his love and will bear much fruit. Our Founder, captivated by apostolic zeal “yearns and strives…to make God better known, loved, and served” (Works III, p. 493, cf. Auto. 233). This zeal of Claret, fruit of the outpouring of the Spirit (Rom 5:5; CC 39-40) knows no bounds: his spirit is “for the whole world” (SL, p. 179).

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Our Charismatic Identity-5

Prayerful reflection on our identity

Our Charismatic identity-5: Called to be “men on fire with love” to evangelize through the “ministry of the Word” in “prophetic mission” so “that they may have life”

General Chapter XXIV: Men on Fire with Love

48. The love of God burns in us the desire to share it (cf. Works III, p 493). It expresses an efficacious desire and that is why we try by all possible means “to set the whole world on fire with God’s love” and to bring his Word to the ends of the earth.

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Our Charismatic Identity-3

Prayerful reflection on our identity

Our charismatic ideintity -3 : To seek in all things the glory of God

XXIV Genral Chapter: Men on Fire with Love

46. Jesus is the passion that spurs us on (cf. CC 4) and the path we follow. With him we look for the glory of God and the salvation of humankind, praying, working and suffering. Prayer sets our love of God and our brothers alight21. Missionary work expresses that love and communicates it. The acceptance of suffering refines us in the same fire as Jesus; it makes us one with the crucified of this world and makes us credible.

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