Our Charismatic Identity-4

Prayerful reflection on our identity

Our Charismatic ideintity-4. In missionary community

XXIIV General Chapter: Men on Fire with Love

37 A Son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary does not follow Jesus alone but as a member of the Congregation, a new charismatic family raised by the Spirit in the Church (cf. CC 4, 10). Because we are sons we are also brothers, brought together to share the same plan of evangelical life. “The grace which reaches and congregates us” is called to be the “principle that organizes and articulates all our hopes, aspirations and projects” (cf. MCT 126, 133) For this, although we live in a network of multiple belongings (family, social, ecclesial…) our belonging to Christ, expressed in the vocation we share in the Congregation, takes the first place over all.

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Our charismatic identity-2

Our charismatic ideintity-2: Formed by the Spirit in the forge of Mary's Heart

XXIV General Chapter: "Men on Fire with Love"

The experience as sons gives meaning to our special commitment to the Heart of Mary, our Mother (CC, 8) which we make at our Profession: “I offer myself in special service to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary in order to fulfil the aim for which this Congregation has been established in the Church” (cf CC 159; Dir 32-34). To be sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary means to be seekers of the glory of God who desires that all his sons and daughters live with dignity and fulfilment (cf CC 2; TMHL 8) and in harmony with all of creation. (MFL 36)

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Our Charismatic identity-1

We begin a series of reflections from Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez on different aspects of our charismatic identity. The core of our identity lies in our relationship with Christ.

1. We are followers of Jesus Christ in the style of the apostles

XXIV General Chapter Men on Fire with Love

 To live the call to evangelize more fervently, we need to remember who we are and to whom we belong. Returning to the “definition of the missionary” helps us to eliminate the ashes of routine and weariness, rekindles the burning embers of our vocation, and renews the enthusiasm we need to be “on fire”, “to spread the flames” and “to set everyone on fire with God’s love.” The “definition of the missionary” leads us to the core of a fulfilled human and Christian life: love. (MFL 32).

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