Virtues we should cultivate

Some virtues we should cultivate to grow in our missionary Spirituality

-Fr. Aquilino Bocos,

Besides the evangelical counsels and the virtues indicated in our Constitutions, there are other dynamisms, which spring up from our charism, and should be especially cultivated if we want our ministry to be prophetic. They have been mentioned with different words during the (Spiriuality) Congress. I will just list them.

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A way of missionary spirituality for today

(From the Document of the Spirituality Congress, 2002: Our Missionary Spirituality along the Journey of God’s People.)

“And passing through the midst of them, He went his way” (Lk. 4: 30)

The anointing of the Spirit, which we have received in order to evangelize, turns our life story into a spiritual journey[1]. That journey has an objective: to configure us to the ideal of a missionary that our Father Founder proposed in the definition of the Son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and that the Constitutions and the Statements of our internal magisterium also express. That journey—inspired by the Spirit—has different stages, employing different strategies and means.  It is unpredictable, although it is dependent on our way of being human and keeps on taking shape as a spiritual biography.

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Characteristics of our Missionary Spirituality

“The Spirit is upon me…He has sent me”(Lk. 4: 18-21)

The Congregation is very sensitive when it comes to the delicate subject of its spirituality.  We are looking for a new dynamic center.  Along with many other individuals and groups in the Church we are longing for a spiritual renaissance.  But this desire requires a restatement.

In order to shed light on this we are going to briefly allude to: 1) how the Congregation has understood its spirituality in recent years; and 2) what perspectives or directions are presented to our spirituality today, taking into account what has been presented earlier.

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