Empowering Interpersonal Communication

ipc2Enjoy empowering Interpersonal communication

I have come across some excellent religious who are committed in their ministry and are very prayerful, but they find it difficult to work together with others. Others who collaborate in the mission find it exhausting to team up with them. They are good souls with a generous heart to do service to others. But lack of healthy communication skills impoverish their ability to give their best in ministry.

In the formation of missionaries theoretical learning should be complemented by life enhancing skills of good communication and team work. It will help the theological insights and philosophical wisdom gathered in the class room to find relational channels to reach out to the people. This article attempts to present a few practical tips about communicating messages effectively.

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Improve your Listening skils

ipc1Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening is one of the most important skills for a missionary. Authentic obedience that leads to growth and transformation in a person requires the capacity to listen. (obedience from Latin ob+audire). There are four-fold listening:

  • Listen to God
  • Listen to one’s inner self
  • Listen to others
  • Listen to the signs of the times.

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Your perception in your interpersonal communication

talk blockThe role of your Perception in your Interpersonal communication

One of the important milestones in our personal growth is the discovery that our view of people and things outside are very much colored by what goes on in our minds. It would be naïve to take our views of others as objective facts. Healthy relationships require that we become aware of our perception and its possible subjective colouring in our judgements of people and situations. For example, I may tend to evaluate an action of a person I dislike as negative, even though that person had done it with positive interest in my good. This article attempts to shed some light on our perceptual processes that play a big role in our communication with others.

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