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Report on Formation-XXV General Chapter-2015

Claretian Formation 2009-2015

The responsibility to pass on our charismatic fire to future generations rests on the entire congregation, though formative processes and formation personnel during initial and ongoing formation have their particular role to play in forming committed Claretian missionaries. It is rightly said that “the way to reform a man is to begin with his grandfather when he is a child”. We need to look at missionary formation throughout the entire span of a missionary’s life without making a dichotomy between initial and ongoing formation. In fact initial formation should be a preparation for responsible ongoing formation while effective ongoing formation should inspire and support the initial formation of our missionaries.

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Pope Francis to the Formators

April 13, 2015 

popePope Francis addressed the participants of the International congress for Formators of Consecrated men and women based on the theme “To Live in Christ According to the Way of Life of the Gospel.” There were 1300 participants in the congress.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning.

But he [the Cardinal Prefect] said your number, how many of you there are, and I said: “But with the scarcity of vocations, there are more formators than those being formed!” This is a problem! We must ask the Lord to do everything possible so that there are more vocations!

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What is new in the New directory (2011) on Formation"

The new Directory came into effect on 24th Ocotber, 2011. Some formators are not aware of the changes and additions in the new directory on formation. The numbers releted formation with changes are presented here. The changes are shown in red colour.


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Who are the People to whom I am sent?

manWho are my people to whom I am sent?

A formator’s Quest

 As we grow in our vocational life, we will certainly experience the joy of the Gospel which fills our hearts as the fruit of God’s intimacy with us in Christ. It is the experience that makes our missionary life meaningful and exciting even amidst a hostile environment. The litmus test of true experience of God is our closeness to people’s lives and it itself is a source of greater joy (Evangelium Gaudium, 268). Passion for Jesus and passion for his people are two sides of the same coin. Jesus takes us from the midst of the people and he sends us to his people (ibid).

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