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Report on Formation-MSM Colminar 2010

Claretian Formation: Report for MSM, Colminar, 2010

  1. Introduction

The General chapter reflected on the theme of formation within the scope of passing on the fire to future generations. It is only when the Spirit is poured on the flesh that the young men shall see visions and the old dream dreams (Jl 3:1; Acts 2: 17). The Claretian formative itinerary which prepare us to be men on fire with love “spring from a real conformity with Christ the Evangelizer and from a close communion and friendship with Him,so that it will no longer be we who live, but Christ who truly lives in us” (GPF 13).

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Report on Formation-MSM-Vic- 2004

Major Superiors’ Meeting, Vic, September 14-26, 2004

 Objective: To animate, coordinate and empower the formation personnel and structures of the congregation though the application of the formation directives of the General plan of formation, the Claretian vocation Directory and the Chapter declaration “That they may have Life”.

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Challenges of Formation-Report to the XXIV General Chapter

Challenges and concerns in the area of formation
(Excerpt from the report of General Government to the XXIVGeneral Chapter)

Out of the 32 responses gathered from the reports of the organisms, the following are the principal challenges that they face in the field of formation (number of responses are given in brackets)

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Appreciative approach in Formation

Appreciative touchThere are some emerging trends in the scenario of formation and education which offer helpful approaches for formators. One of these trends is the approach of appreciative coaching used in the training of personnel for different fields of work.

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