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Is Your Vision like that of a Cyclope or of an Angel?

cyclopeIn one of the meeting of the formators, Fr. Mariano Sedano spoke of the image of cylopes and angels in relation to perspectives in life. It made me reflect on the theme further. The one-eyed mythological figures named Cyclops are found in ancient greek liternature and they made their way into our times through X-Men comic series. Cyclops in greek mythology are one eyed monsters who mostly lived in mountain caves and whose vision is limited because of their single perspective. They are very aggressive. They stand for those who look at things from only one perspective and are very much closed to other views. Such people can be intolerant, arrogant and abusive towards people who think differently.

On the other hand, angels have eyes all over (Rev. 4.8). “The cherubim had eyes all over their bodies, including their hands, their backs, and their wings” (Ez.10.12). .As messengers of God they have the vision of reality from all perspectives. In the ancient monastic tradition monks and religious are considered angelic because they are closer to God. In Vita Consecrata Pope John Paul refers to this idea when he says,:

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Claretian Formation-Strengths and Challenges today

Meeting of Major Superiors, Vic, January 20-30, 2014.

1. Focus of the General Chaper (MFL 63)

  • The last General Chapter invited us to improve the program of initial formation by insisting on the “interiorization of the fundamental values of consecrated life” during initial formation and to assure personal accompaniment of the formandi through “transparent dialogue regarding various dimensions of life”.
  • We also resolved to have our formators prepared for the task and dedicated in their ministry and offer means and resources that they need for their ministry.
  • Another call of the chapter was regarding consolidation of inter-cultural formation centers and promotion of the learning of languages.
  • We were also called on to assume the responsibility of formation together and reinforce its objectives with the integrity of our lives.

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Pope Francis: Formation is a work of art, not a police action

Pope Francis to the Superiors General

 On 29th November 2013, Pope Francis met 120 Superiors General of the men congregations. Here is an excerpt from the conversation of the Pope reported by Fr. Antonio Spadaro Sj.

pope -superiosThe New Hall of the Synod in the Vatican When Pope Francis speaks “off the cuff” and dialogs, his speech has a certain rhythm that “undulates” progressively; one would do well to follow it with care because it is fed by the living relations he experiences with his interlocutors. Those who notice should pay careful attention not only to the contents of what he says but also to the dynamic of the relationship that is created. This is what happened during the onversation that the Holy Father held with the Union of Superiors General of religious men at the end of their 82nd General Assembly......

 Pope Francis then listens to a few questions about formation. He answers immediately, indicating his priorities: “The formation of candidates is fundamental. There are four pillars of formation: spiritual, intellectual, communitarian and apostolic. The ghost to fight against is the image of religious life understood as an escape or hiding place in face of an “external,” difficult and complex world. The four pillars should be integrated right from the first dayof entrance into the noviceship, and should not be arranged sequentially. They must be interactive.”

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What kind of a formator are you?

boy and eagle Here is the famous story of training an eagle to fly. Have you looked at it from a formative perspective? It is interesting to learn what kind of a formator are you from this story.

 Before reading the story

 There are three major roles in stories: hero, villain, and a victim (or according to Greek Drama--rescuer, prosecutor, and victim). We tend to see (more accurately "feel") ourselves in one of those roles. If you can uncover which role has the greatest emotional appeal for you, you are closer to finding your life script.

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