The Seven contemporary Virtues- 6 & 7

Tolerance and Dialogue, and Simplicty

Introductory Reflection:

The smaller our world has become, the greater our awareness of the multiplicity of everything in our globalized world. Communities and societies have become multi -racial, multi -cultural and multi- religious. With globalization comes greater awareness of differences in all levels. Even business enterprises have become multi-national. Slowly we are exposed to the multifaceted ill effects of the phenomenon of humanity fractured by inequalities and greed. So often we miss the truth of everything. It (the truth) seems to be hidden under a thick crust of fear, mistrust, suspicion, intolerance, hatred and prejudice.

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The Seven contemporary Virtues- 4 & 5

Liberty of Spirit and Boldness and Creativity

Liberty of the Spirit

Introductory reflection:

There is something in the inner person of everybody wants to be is nothing less than a true freedom to reach out, to achieve and to go beyond anything and everything. Nobody enjoys enslavements. Although this is innate in every human being, it can be raised to the level of virtue. As a virtue, liberty of spirit stands against the hedonistic lifestyle that our postmodern world propagates, exalting the secular virtues of sexual freedom and the pursuit of self-centered happiness at all cost. Liberty of Spirit is not a virtue that gives freedom for abuse. Pope Benedict rightly said when he explained, “The freedom to kill is not real freedom, but a tyranny that reduces the human being to slavery” Amidst the pervasive culture of control and death, we are called to give witness to the meaning of God’s gift of life in abundance (Jn.10:10).

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Contemporray Virtues.2&3

Hospitality and Gratitude, Non-violence and Meekness

Hospitality and Gratitude

Introductory Reflection

The lack of spiritual depth, pervading sense of alienation, superficiality and inauthenticity mentioned in the first virtue of depth brings with it a sense of homelessness. This may be the manifestation of the ill effects of our globalized culture. There is a heightened sense of suspicion among one another. Religious missionary community is not an exception to this globalized social phenomenon. Prof. Gallares rightly commented, “Our planet is in fact suffering from a crisis of homelessness. In our global village there is a vast displacement of all sorts.

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