Pope Francis to Young Consecrated Men and Women- September 17, 2015

pope(The English transcription of the dialogue of Pope Francis with participants in the International Congress for Consecrated Young People on 17th September, 2015.)

Good morning!

I thank you. The Cardinal Prefect told me that you are 5,000 consecrated young people. I will begin with the questions that you prepared and that you had the courtesy to send me.

However, first of all, I know that among you there are consecrated from Iraq and from Syria. I would like to begin with a thought for our martyrs of Iraq and of Syria; they are our martyrs of today. Perhaps you know many or a few ... Some days ago, in the Square, an Iraqi priest approached me and gave me a small cross: it was the cross that the priest who was beheaded had in his hand for not denying Jesus Christ. I carry this cross here ...

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Priesthood a Call of Love - Pope Francis

Pope to the New Priests on 52nd World Day of Prayer for Vocations

homily in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, April 26, 2015

Beloved Brothers,

pope ordainsThese our sons have been called to the dignity of the Priesthood. It will do us good to reflect a little on the ministry to which they will be elevated in the Church. As you well know, the Lord Jesus is the one and only Great High Priest of the New Testament; but in him, God has made his entire holy people a royal priesthood. All of us! Nevertheless, among his disciples, the Lord Jesus wills to choose certain ones to carry out a priestly office publicly in the Church, in his name and on behalf of mankind, in order that they may continue his personal mission as Teacher, Priest and Shepherd.

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Pope to the Seminarians and Novices

Pope Francis Address to Seminarians and Novices

pope francis1(July 09, 2013.  Pope Francis’ addressed the seminarians, novices and young people who took part in the Year of Faith pilgrimage entitled “I Trust in You”).

Good evening!

I asked Archbishop Fisichella if you understood Italian and he told me that you all have the translation. I am somewhat calmed.

I thank Archbishop Fisichella for his words and I also thank him for his work: he has worked so much not only to do this but for all that he has done and will do in the Year of Faith. Thank you so much!

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Awakening to your Unique Self beyond your "ego"

Often many of our sufferings are the pain of ego-hurts and as such they are a deep cry for growth and transcendence. If negotiated well, we "fall upward" to the level of "true self" or else we fall down ego and selfdeep into “victim” state, depression, bitterness and resort to many immature behaviors. It is indeed a tragedy to live and die without realizing one's unique self and the unique mission on earth. Even religious men and women, after making bold options to live consecrated life of poverty, chastity and obedience, may live their lives trapped in their "ego" and make decisions dictated by their ego needs. Vocationally congruent decisions are possible only at a level beyond "ego". It is through spiritual awakening that we come to our "True self" and appreciate our uniqueness as persons and the unique mission we have in the world. One of the important moments of this awakening is to awaken to ones true "self", an identity beyond the "ego" level of understanding oneself.

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