Pre-Novitiate-Ways and Means to face challenges

call(Here are some useful tips on formation presented by Fr. Edward Mercieca SJ to the Meeting of Superiors General (USG) in his paper tittled "Present Challenges: Ways and Means that Superiors and Governing bodies of religious congregations may undertake" - Rome in 2006.)

Some points which cannot be considered completely acquired:

  1. The human person develops, grows and commits in every stage of life and in its totality: mind-heart-body; past-present-future.
  2. The way that relationships develop (quality, mode) with ourselves, with others and with our surroundings, is in direct relationship with the quality and the way we relate to God.
  3. Religious persons do not constitute a separate and distinct species from the rest of humanity; potential crises are present throughout our life journey.
  4. All that forms us as persons - intelligence, affectivity, body, language, history, etc. - is God's grace. Stages of life, so much intimately related to our spiritual Life and our commitment, are God's graces.
  5. In religious life one may become broken during times of crisis; bro­kenness caused by crises of losses and separations, brokenness due to crises coming from the charism/tradition of the congregation itself, brokenness caused by certain renunciations which one would have desired and chosen before.
  6. In each vital phase of life there occurs a crisis-growth experience; this is lived healthily in a cycle of confusion- pain- mature love. In religious Life these stages of life have their own specific characteristics even if deep down we share these experiences with others.
  7. Each person/religious in our case makes his own "reading" of the process.

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