Video links to talks on "Theology of the Body"

Here are a few links to good talks on the theology of the Body in the youtube. Christopher west is a known author on the theology of the Body.

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The mystery of your body-Ground of the celebration of Life and Love

adam“Corporeality is, in fact, a specific mode of existing and operating proper to the human spirit: This significance is first of all of an anthropological nature: the body reveals man, it “expresses the person. “ - (Congregation for Catholic Education, Educational Guidance In Human Love, N. 22)

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Towards Somatic Trasformation

doubting-thomasThe Somatic Dimension of formation

We are embodied selves. All that we experience as humans is in and through the body. A holistic formation takes into account the progressive integration of the somatic dimension of one’s existence into the project of one’s life. Somatic transformation is not just health care though it includes it. It is primarily about achieving and maintaining a relatively high degree of wellness despite a disability disease, or terminal illness .

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