Dialogue with your Body

Your body responddialogue wth bodys to your thoughts, emotions and the inner spirit. All that you do take place in and through your body. Without the body you are not. In fact, within each one of us there is a reservoir of information. We can speak of the “wisdom of the body”. If we listen to the body’s language, we may know that a stiff shoulder carries the weight of our stress, a locked jaw holds unspoken words. Hearing and appreciating the body's own knowledge base is essential to healthy relationship with our bodies.

Your “body” includes the physical body with its organs and members, your health or ill health, your contact experience with nature, all sensations, pleasure and pain, sensibility to music, dance, art, sexuality… In a certain sense you are your body. Your body has a history; it is a quasi-person with whom you can have dialogue in a similar way that you have done with real persons. Here is an exercise to enter into dialogue with your body.

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