Making sense of CL-12- The Hunger

The Eucharistic dimension of Evangelical counsels

hunger1The Hunger for God - 1

You are invited to recall a time you experienced hunger. How did you experience it in your body? If you can’t recall, skip a meal and see how it affects you. If you have addictions such as smoking, coffee, cookies etc., you will have the experience of the craving in your body. Be in touch with it and observe how your body lives the craving for something that satisfies it.

In this module we shall reflect on the hunger of humans and Eucharistic dimension of our life as consecrated persons.

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Making Sense of CL-11-The Thirst

water1Both the joy of living the vows as well as infidelities related to the vows are intrinsically related to the integration of our desires which are ultimately oriented to God. In a joyful and integrated religious, the longing for love, security and power take him/her to rest in the Love of God who is the true wealth and find strength in weakness and fragility. Unintegrated desires drive the person to disordered affective adventures, selfish use of resources and abuse of power. In this module, we shall reflect on the longing of body and mind as experienced in our “thirst”, both physical and spiritual.

The Thirst

Consecrated life is intimately related to the experience of an inner thirst. Certainly it is not possible to embrace religious life to meet just physical satisfaction. You join religious life because of a thirst which the world cannot quench. A life of closer following of Crist has to do with the “I thirst”, the final cry of the Master.

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Making Sense of CL-10-Evangelical Counsels

Evangelical counsels, Plugging yourself to the Holy Spirit

vowsBefore you proceed with this module that introduces evangelical counsels, you are invited to pause for a while and reflect on the following questions and write down in your journal or take to your personal prayer what it means to you to live the evangelical counsels.

  • What does poverty mean for you? What do you enjoy most about it? What are the concrete ways do you live the renunciation involved in it? How is your life more challenging and different from the average people of your culture because of poverty?
  • What is consecrated celibacy for you? What gives you joy about living consecrated celibacy? What are the challenges do you face in living celibate life?
  • What is religious obedience for you? How do you live it concretely in your present context? What are the joys and challenges do you face in living religious obedience?

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