Praying Our Father with Psalms

pray with psalmsPraying our Father with Psalms

Fr. Ignasi Ricart cmf

We pray the Lord’s prayer many times a day. It is the prayer all Christians use to call out to God in the words of Jesus with a filial heart. Praying and living this prayer builds communion with God and among human beings.

            It is the only prayer Jesus taught his disciples. Jesus own prayer habits come from his Jewish tradition where psalms were extensively used at different hours of the day. Jesus used Psalms to relate to His Father and to express himself even in his agonizing moments as on the cross (Ps 22.1: “Why God, why God, why have you forsaken me?”).

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Pope on Prayer

pope prayingHis Holiness Pope Benedict gave a series of catechesis on prayer during his Wednesday audiences from May 4, 2011. The reflections of the Pope is based on Scripture and the tradition of the Church. The pope introduces the topic thus,   “I would now like to choose a topic that is dear to all our hearts: it is the theme of prayer, and especially Christian prayer, the prayer, that is, which Jesus taught and which the Church continues to teach us. It is in fact in Jesus that man becomes able to approach God in the depth and intimacy of the relationship of fatherhood and sonship. Together with the first disciples, let us now turn with humble trust to the Teacher and ask him: “Lord, teach us to pray” (Lk 11:1)”.

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