A Tree Meditation

treeHere is a meditation with the symbol of a Tree. Tree is the perfect symbol for deeply rooted connection and spiritual expansiveness.

Take note of these traits of a Tree: It is grounded, connected, growing, unique, capable of finding nourishment from both the ground and the sky, provides shelter for life, withstands wind and forces of nature, welcome people underneath, its leaves dance in the wind. It’s solid trunk is resilient, powerful, deeply rooted to the earth. expanding and Tree represents wisdom of age and great spiritual connection with a higher power.

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Meditation on the Life of Blessed Virgin Mary

meditation posture 2Meditation on our Marian Vocation

Mary, the first Christian, the spouse, the Mother and the Virgin is symbol of the church. In her we find the attitude of listening, receptivity to the Word, presence to Christ and the apostles. This meditation imbibes the attitudes of Mary by being present to her and journeying with her within our inner self to imbue from her the capacity to be receptive and listening.

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Communion with Lord and communicating with all

meditating the crucifiedA Meditation of Communion

(This meditation is effective after communion or at a time you want to immerse yourself in the presence of the Lord. If it is done after communion, skip the first two numbers.)

Sit on a chair or squat on the floor comfortably. See that your spine is straight and assume a very relaxed posture.

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