Making sense of Consecrated Life-1

Year of Consecrated Life-2015

Do you value your Consecrated life as a Gift of God given to the Church?

banner latinusEvery human venture is ultimately in the pursuit of happiness. As a joyful religious once remarked, "If the world knows what truly awaits in consecrated life, there would be crowds knocking at its door". Myriads of saintly men and women and experienced consecrated persons testify that theirs is one of the most fulfilling forms of life. But it calls for breaking open the transcendent horizon of life. Paradoxically we also come across examples of unhappy religious who wobble like eagles with cropped wings. Pope Francis has pointed out the contradiction of a religious with a vinegary face (Italian aceto-vinegar) or sisters living as unhappy spinsters rather than joyful mothers. One can be a miserable religious when he/she lives it at a lower mindset and with mundane values. The actual struggle of many religious is about digging deep to find the hidden treasure in the field which one has bought after selling all that he/she had (Mt. 13.44). How can a religious retrieve the true joy of being a consecrated person?

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Celebrating the Year of Faith in the Formaiton Houses

Faith formation in our formation centers during the Year of Faith

(From October 11, 2012, on the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Vatican II, until the Solemnity of Christ the King, on November 24, 2013)

 faith-logo-enThe year of Faith is an opportune moment for us to deepen our Faith which is the foundation for vocation growth and missionary commitment.   Our formation houses, the schools of the Word, are important places to make this faith journey together with the whole Church. We propose an itinerary of nine months to deepen and explore our experience of Faith. The formation centers may constitute a team of animators to facilitate the program. Creative animation of the community to reach the goal of the Year of Faith is to be promoted. We shall profit from the various initiatives of the local and universal church to help the faith journey of the people of God. The program is expected to help the formees to:

  • - be in touch with their own faith experience and the capacity to articulate it
  • support their faith life from biblical, ecclesial and charismatic (Claretian) sources
  • give expression to one's faith in daily life

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Growing in spiritual intelligence

muralescatedrquibd04Formation is a progressive transformation of consciousness which integrates all aspects of a person’s life and conform him to the life Christ. Today there is greater recognition of the role of spirituality in promoting health and wholeness. The term spiritual intelligence is employed often to refer to the level of spiritual consciousness that integrates the various realms of human life.

Among the various dimensions of intelligence such as cognitive (IQ) and emotional (EQ), spiritual intelligence (SQ) is considered to play a significant role in effective and integrated human functioning. A distinction is made between spirituality and religious practice, because one can belong to a religious community and make public profession of religious ideals, but the the lived life may exhibit a lower level of development. Higher levels of human development leads one to greater transcendence spiritual integration.

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