Making sense of CL-9- A Prophetic Mission

The mission of Consecrated life in the Church and the world

missionYour vocation is God’s response to the cry of God’s people. Hence in consecrated life both Life and mission are intrinsically united. The very life of consecration with its total and radical consecration to Christ and his Church is itself the primary mission of consecrated life. We identify three important factors in relation to the mission of the Religious in the Church.

1. Witness of Christ (Passion for Christ)

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Making sense of CL-8- Charism of the Institute

Consecrated Life and the Charism of Institutes

charismConsecrated life finds its concrete expression in the charism of a religious institute (congregation, order, secular institute or a society of apostolic life). There cannot be any genuine living of consecrated life without taking into account the particular charism of a religious institute to which you belong. The Holy Spirit gives rise to the different Charisms in the Church so that she can present Christ to believers and non-believers alike, portraying the face of Christ in contemplation on the mountain, his proclamation of the kingdom of God to the multitudes, his healing the sick, his converting sinners, his solicitude for youth and his goodness to all men (LG 46). The same Holy spirit calls individual persons to live this charism and form a religious family in the Church. 

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The Practice of Forgiveness

key openingThe joy of consecrate life is often hijacked by collected rancor and hurt feelings in interpersonal relationships. People who harbor hurt feelings and fail to forgive offences are like a person who consumes poison himself to kill his enemy. Learning to let go like Jesus who prayed for those who crucified him is the way to reconciliation and healing. Consecrated persons can be men and women of reconciliation only when they themselves are able to let go of hurt feelings and experience the joy of reconciliation and forgiveness. Here is a practice suggested by Richard Rohr which can bring healing and wholeness in your life.

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