Making Sense of Consecrated Life-7- Radical and Total Response

ycl8Radicalism and totality in the profession of evangelical counsels

Another constitutive element stressed in the documents of the Church on consecrated life is the radicalism of the consecration which engages the whole person and invite him/her to be totally dedicated to God. Though all the baptized are called to radical following of Christ, the consecrated person’s following of Christ has its own proper radical nature. The religious are called to “devote themselves to God alone” with an “undivided heart” (LG 42c, 44). They seek God solely and above everything else (PC 5,6). A consecrated person pledges oneself to live as Christ lived in areas which cover the whole life: possessions, affections and autonomy (EE 15).

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Making Sense of CL-6- Free to Respond to the Call

ycl7How free are the consecrated not to respond to the call?

We have seen that consecrated life, a closer following of the life of Christ, is a life in the Spirit just as the master lived his earthly life in the Spirit. When other spirits are allowed to hijack the heart of the consecrated person, his/her consecration ceases to make any sense and abandonment of religious life is the natural end.

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Making Senseof CL 5- Holy Spirit and the Person Called

ycl5Work of the Holy Spirit in a cooperating person

In this module we shall reflect on our collaboration with the Holy Spirit in unfolding the mystery of our vocation. The two partners in the event of consecrated life are the Holy Spirit and the person who responds to the call. Holy Spirit is the protagonist and active agent in a cooperating person in effecting the “new bond between the person and the One and Triune God, in Jesus Christ” (RD 7b), leading him/her progressively into full configuration to Christ (VC 19).

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