Making Sense of CL- 4- A Call Addressed to some Baptized

ycl3A call addressed to some of the baptized

Vita Consecrata traces the evangelical origin of consecrated life in the special relationship Jesus established with some of his disciplesduring his earthly life.[1] Though all are called to holiness and become sons/daughters of God and sharers in the divine nature (LG 40a), the holiness of the Church is fostered in a special way by the observance of evangelical counsels as a gift given by the Father to certain souls(LG 39, 42c, VC 18, 29.). All the baptized are called to holiness and perfection, but baptismal consecration does not necessarily include the call to live evangelical counsels (VC.30).

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Making Sense of Consecrated Life-3-New and Special Consecration

New and special consecration

ycl1Journeying towards wholeness and holiness

In the last module we have reflected about “new and special” and “particular” consecration which we are gifted when we said “yes” to the call of God. We shall now see the same from the perspective of our life journey as a consecrated person.

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Making Sense of CL-2- A Special Call

Year of Consecrated life-2015

special1What is “new and special” and “particular” about your consecration life?

In this module we shall look into the repeated assertions in the documents of the Church that ours is a “new”, “special” and “particular” consecration founded on the baptismal consecration. Do you experience this “newness” and “specialness” about your consecrated life? In this year of consecrated life, you are invited to embrace your consecration with its lasting “newness” and uniqueness. You may need a reflective reading accompanied by prayer to make sense of this module.

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